Electromagnetism: In Everyday Life!

Electromagnetism exists everywhere. When people drive, walk, or even go to the beach. However, due to the extreme complexity of the topic, electromagnetism has proven to be a subject studied by those who are crafty and willing enough to explore the domain. The ideas of electricity start from simple objects such as springs, coils and magnets that simply created a current for some sort of affect to either start or light some object. Now these theories have expanded to a point where our everyday lives are affected by it. When people start their cars for example, a magnet turned by a flywheel generates current through coils to help ignite the cars electrical system. In short, electromagnetism exists everywhere in our everyday lives.

There are many examples of electromagnetism effecting technical objects of today’s society. One particular example would be radar devices used for tracking ships, cars, or even submarines. The ideas of sending out a signal composed of a wave of certain frequency and wavelength returned at a certain time can be used to find objects or map out underwater territory. Use of similar techniques allows for policemen to radar speeds of drive-by cars.     Although, crafty engineers have created stealth devices that are able to mask their speed by accepting the radar beam and by scrambling it via frequency changes or simply send the same signal back at a delayed time thus justifying a slower speed. This is just a mere fraction of the uses of electromagnetism. Another possible use for electromagnetism would be on the vile side of destruction. There are many aspects of electromagnetism. One of the fiercest uses is as a weapon.

EM guns, tanks, and devices are harmful and more dangerous than normal guns and missiles due to their non-ballistic style of weaponry. Unfortunately, this horrendous idea is true. EM guns have been able to destroy cars, technical devices, and live mammals just by the use of electromagnetism. Different wavelengths of EM waves proved to create different effects for both cars and humans.  The new wave of weaponry exists in EM guns. The concept of electromagnetism is a wonderful subject and beautiful art within itself. Unfortunately, like other things, when used the wrong way even beautiful things have the capability to be turned ugly.


2 Responses to “Electromagnetism: In Everyday Life!”

  1. 1 Annette
    January 3, 2010 at 9:57 pm

    Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe!🙂. I’ll go and read some more!

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